Application Information

Aggie Angel Network

Thank you for your interest in the Aggie Angel Network. We invite entrepreneurs to learn more about our investment screening process by reading the overview below and applying via the included link.

Application Requirements

Please review the following application guidelines.  If your company does not fit yet would still like to be considered, we encourage you to send us a message to set up a pre-application call first.

1. Company should be seeking $100K to $1.5M in equity financing. AAN will also consider debt financing w/ an equity component (i.e. convertible debt or debt with warrants).

2. If the Venture is raising over $1M, AAN requests that it secure a lead investor for its raise before applying.

3. AAN does not review companies in the following sectors:  real estate development,  oil/gas exploration, bars/restaurants/spas.

4. In order to be seriously considered, a company should have a completed, working prototype and have market validation (pilot, beta users, and/or revenue).

Application Process

AAN reserves the right to request additional information during the application process which may include (but not be restricted to) data on finances, IP, partnerships, and/or management background. Due to the nature of our organization, AAN cannot execute non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, however all efforts will be made to keep confidential documents limited to investor members only.

The application process to the Aggie Angel Network is described below:

1. The Company is encouraged to contact AAN Staff, before going through the application process to make sure there is a good fit between the company’s focus and members’ interests.

2. Complete the ProSeeder online application.  APPLY HERE

3.  Staff will review application for completeness and confirm receipt.

4.  Application summaries will be circulated amongst investors to gauge interest.

Screening Process

Each Company that has completed the AAN application process and garnered at least some investor interest will go through at least one screening call/meeting.  This screening is usually handled via web conference and includes staff and several investor members.  AAN cannot guarantee funding or investor interest for companies that participate in screening.

Presentation Preparation

If your company is invited to give a presentation, AAN will provide additional coaching to help you prepare.   This may include a coaching calls/web conferences, a demo presentation, and an invitation to attend an investor meeting as a guest.
Presentation to AAN does not guarantee funding from AAN Members or referrals to other funding sources.

Investor Meetings

AAN hosts approximately 6 investor meetings per year in College Station, TX.  Invited entrepreneurs are given 15 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes of Q&A at these meetings.  Details will be provided following the screening process.   The entrepreneur is responsible for following up with investors and responding to their requests for additional data at or following the meeting.     Every effort is made to assign a deal lead to each entrepreneur that garners investor interest to make this process more efficient and effective.

Due Diligence

Interested investors might collaborate on due diligence and negotiations. Investment decisions, however, are made on an individual basis. AAN is not a broker, and as such provides facilitation for communication during due diligence, but does not participate directly nor negotiate terms.

Follow Up

After a funding decision has been made, AAN will require follow up information to to track AAN’s performance and update our members on the company’s progress.  This may include cap tables, information on subsequent rounds, valuation information and other salient information about the companies current status.


The Aggie Angel Network is a non-profit corporation whose operations are funded by membership fees paid by investors as well as fees paid by applicants. All companies submitting an application will need to pay an application fee of $250.  Companies that are spinouts of Texas A&M University and/or licensees of Texas A&M University technologies will have their $250 application fee refunded. All selected companies that are invited to present to the full membership of the Aggie Angel Network at a meeting will be charged an additional $250 presentation fee.   All companies that present are charged an Administrative fee of $7500 to cover due diligence and related costs; however this is waived for all companies that raise less than $100,000.